Radio Cannon

Hey there

I should have written this update months ago, but I now write for

My most recent article is an interview with Kyle Shutt of the awesome Austin, TX band The Sword. Check it out here.

I’ve just written an incredibly indulgent 2300 word essay on Lana Del Rey in Montreal too. Let’s see what happens with that. I’m not sure where it will be posted yet, but I guess if you mail me I can let you know once it happens, my young padawan.

I’ll be covering the Montreal Fringe Fest again this year, so check out the content on Radio Cannon for all music-related shows of the Fest, beginning June 2nd!

I may be covering extra shows on this website here, but for now I invite you to visit, which was birthed as an offshoot of the now defunct music section of Midnight Poutine, which I used to write for. Same staff and we still love you.

Email: for any questions/requests




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