Fringe: Complete Madness! Them Blue Midnights Official Schedule


Without further ado, Them Blue Midnights‘ official ”WILL BE ATTENDING AND REVIEWING THIS ‘CAUSE IT LOOKS AWESOME” list: (keep in mind, a lot of these shows have multiple representations; the times put are the ones I’ll be going to, but they also allow you to not have to scratch your head and make a calendar! So click on the links to get to the official website where you can view the full schedule and purchase your tix!)

ACME BURLESQUE:  Acme Burlesque will tantalize and tease you with striptease, circus performance, and more, all accompanied by an exciting live band.

June 6, 8h30pm @ Mainline Theatre (3997 St-Laurent)

SWEET MOTHER LOGIC: Blending toe-tapping pop with the composition complexity of classical music, Sweet Mother Logic have received universal acclaim, both live and in-studio, via genre-bending instrumental rock.

June 7, 8h30pm @ Divan Orange (4234 St-Laurent)

THE LITTLE BEAU PEEP SHOW: Little Beau Peep lost her sheep only to find them performing with a naughty cast of fictional characters at Café Cleo! Watch adult bedtime stories come to life on stage accompanied by a live sex-shop quartet, where this time around the only thing Beau Peep risks losing are her skivvies!

June 8, 10pm @ Cafe Cleopatre (1230 St-Laurent)

GRINDHOUSE CREW PRESENTS: DAY OF THE DEAD (1985)The Grindhouse Crew returns with another Zombie fest at Terrace St-Ambroise. Featuring “Day of the Dead” (1985), Montreal Improv All-stars, Bloodshot Bill, and zombie artists on-site! A fundraiser for Head & Hands.

June 9, 6pm @ Terrasse St-Ambroise (5080 St-Ambroise)

SMUT SLAM: A fast-paced open mic for first-person sex stories. Prizes and games, too! The theme? BUCKET LIST. Because we all have one…

June 11, 8pm @ Le Cagibi (5490 St-Laurent)

CHERRY ON TOP!:  Est. in 2011 by 3 lovely ladies; Élise Corbeil, Camille Bourdeau et Nathalie Niesing, Les Cherries will enchant you with songs of yesterday and today…Jazz-flavoured a capella!

June 16, 7pm @ Espace 4001 (4001 Berri)

BUILD A STORM: Gifted musician-singer-songwriter Gabriella Hook brightfully merges styles and transcends boundaries. Her first album Build a storm traces the bohemian journey of the singer with a sparkling voice brushed through with brass, piano and accordeon pop arrangements. Everyone who hears agree about one thing : here is a must-follow.

June 16, 8h30pm @ Espace 4001 (4001 Berri)

ELVIS IS WATER: Elvis is Water is a vibrant musical exploration of the Sun Sessions.  Thirty five years after his death, Elvis is now more alive then ever: so much a part of our world it’s as if we are fish – and Elvis is Water. Why are people still fascinated? Why is Elvis Elvis?

June 17, 6h45pm @ Cabaret Du Mile End (5240 av. du Parc)

ANGEL’S SHARE: One bottle of Scotch can do a lot of damage in just an hour. Angel’s Share distills single-malt whisky, grief and memory in this distorted love story.

June 18: 8pm @ Freestanding Room (4324 St-Laurent)

MADE OF MEAT: O! The Desires of the Flesh! So persistent, so immediate, so gnawing! No one need resist all the time.

June 20, 8pm @ Studio Jean-Valcourt (4750 av. Henri-Julien)

LA CRAVATE BLEUE: (IN FRENCH) La cravate bleue, c’est le dilemme du 21e siècle: rêver sa vie ou vivre son rêve. Découvrez les revers de la vie d’artiste lorsque l’amour se mêle aux ambitions d’un jeune professionnel qui démissionne de son emploi ennuyeux pour vivre son rêve d’artiste.

June 21, 7h30pm @ Petit Campus (57 Prince-Arthur E.)

JOE’S CAFE: A music revue of songs based on true stories, recreating the welcoming atmosphere of an all night café.

June 22, 7pm @ Petit Campus (57 Prince-Arthur E.)

TERMINAL C: Are we really in control of our lives? What happens when complete strangers are forced together…indefinitely? Do they lose control or try to hold up their masques and maintain their personas even when the layers slowly start unpeeling? You don’t know how you would react until it happens to you.

June 23, 2h15pm @ Spanish Club (4288 St-Laurent)


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