Sound City Review/Winter 2013 Playlist

I’ll start this off by saying that anyone who has not seen it should stop reading this and check out Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary. It’s rare to see a film that is so passionate. And I might not be a multi-million selling rock star, but for anyone who has an interest in music but does not play an instrument, I can tell you that the parts where the musicians are playing together in the studio are so genuine that I felt like yelling: DUDE, THAT’S REALLY HOW IT IS!

If anything, it was gratifying to see that the feeling of 4-5 people just playing music together pretty much seems to remain the same if the passion is there, regardless of status.

Though I wouldn’t mind some free time in Grohl’s 606 studio. Just putting it out there.


Me with Dave Grohl, 2009. I gained a little bit of weight since then, looking back. Hmmm.

The reviews I have read about the Sound City soundtrack were extremely underwhelming and unrealistic. I’ll offer my own brief take.

First off, let’s set up decent expectations. You listen to the soundtrack after watching the movie, you see that these songs seemed to be 1 day individual sessions. So to anyone expecting the Grohl+Stevie Nicks combination to be as good as anything on Rumours, that is not happening. How could it? No tension between band members, no cocaine binges. I mean, not to go off on a tangent here, but imagine a typical scenario for that recording session:

Stevie Nicks: Hey Lindsey Buckingham, I wrote this song called Dreams. Let me sing it for you, it has a great melody and it’s all about you! Find the prettiest guitar chords, please. Especially during the line ”Players only love you when they’re playing”

Lindsey Buckingham: No problem, Stevie Nicks. By the way, I need you to add back vocals to this new song I wrote called GO YOUR OWN WAY.

I would pay good money to see this happen.

But what was I saying? Ahhhh yes.

Ok, so the idea behind the Sound City Soundtrack is not to make the greatest album with the greatest songs of all time. To begin with, it is about celebrating the art of making music, about musicians playing together and all the while paying tribute to a studio that helped shape them.

So if the songs sound more like sketches, well, that’s normal. Just like a real live performance, it’s not meant to be perfect and these songs can be interpreted differently in that respect.

I think it’s a great album. I think it might be worth doing the opposite of what I did though: If you haven’t seen the movie or heard the soundtrack, see the movie first. I think you might hear the soundtrack a bit differently and a bit more accurately that way. My two cents.


Here’s what I’ve been listening to during this never ending winter.

Just press play!


The Growlers – Naked Kids

California X – Sucker

Autre Ne Veut – Counting

Night Beats – A Night With Nefertiti

The Bronx – Style Over Everything

Ufesas – Goin’ To The Mountain

Mikal Cronin – Apathy

Psychic Ills – Take Me With You

New Model Army – The Hunt

Jorge Drexler – Rio Abajo

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – The Fun Lovin’ Criminal

Fugees – No Woman,No Cry

Fitz And The Tantrums – Moneygrabber

Clutch – Electric Worry

The Virginmarys – Dead Man’s Shoes

Bad Religion – Robin Hood In Reverse


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