New Album (EP) Reviews: Death Lullaby/ Demonhigh/ Warsong

Death Lullaby – Fractal (EP)













Within the first minute of listening to Montreal’s Death Lullaby, I already knew that they had what is needed to, at the very least, rival most death metal/grindcore bands. The technical precision, the speed, the uncompromising relentlessness of their sound. What blew me away was that they managed to very tastefully and tactfully incorporate just enough amounts of groove metal – let’s recall some of Devildriver’s earliest riffs – to stand apart from the other bands in the genre (often recalling Whitechapel). Melody is a strong point to Death Lullaby‘s music: the guitar solos are loud, spacey and echo prog-metal at times – a bit like if Periphery were to join up with Dream Theater. It’s a very good mix of extreme influences. In the end, Death Lullaby has its own brand of extreme metal, and this EP is worth your free download. Check it out here.

Demonhigh – EP









It’s really too bad I don’t understand more than 6 words of Spanish. There is something happening in the world that seems to cause every Spanish speaking rock band to kick some serious garage ass. This band sounds like Puerto Rico’s Davila 666 mixed with Mexico’s Los Explosivos. In this case, Demonhigh hail from Spain, and their mix of garage rock/Nuggets-like psych rock works so fantastically that you want to call The Black Lips to ask to bring the band on tour with them. Give this band a label please, and get them touring asap. Here’s another free download for ya.

Warsong – The Caravan (EP)












What’s this? Some more awesome rock ‘n roll from Spain? Cool with me.

Listening to The Caravan EP, Warsong often made me think of the 80’s Californian Punk/Hardcore bands such as X and The Adolescents. But this is some real ”driving the highway at night way too fast with a bottle of whiskey hiding under the seat while the windows are open” music (I think I just coined a new term there). It’s immediately accessible, fun and upbeat – yet dark and moody at the same time. Kind of like the band is sometimes having so much fun playing that they forget some of the anger lurking through their sound. This is another band that needs some distribution in America – and Canada specifically, if only because they sound like they’re one hell of a live band and I want to see them live. A fantastic EP. Listen to it in full here and download your free copy of their first release, 2011’s Ancient Times, here (as promoted by the band on their website, .


Special thanks to Cristian Sen from Demonhigh and Kevy Metal of Death Lullaby. 


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