Review: Steel Panther (Montreal, August 10 2012)

You’ve probably heard of Steel Panther. You know, 4 dudes who dress like 80’s glam-metal never left and have some of the most over the top, hilarious lyrics. What makes it work isn’t actually just the comedy bit, but it’s that these guys are super-qualified musicians and songwriters, so even though the songs are funny, they’re actually really well written and well played.

They mimic the bands they pay tribute to and parody perfectly. Hell, the Bon Jovi-like ”Party All day (Fuck All Night)” even has a key change in the last chorus, à la ”Living On A Prayer”.

Well, last night, they played their first ever show in Montreal, at the Corona Theatre, and it was spectacular.

I’ve seen a lot of shows in my life, and believe me, this was one for the books.

The crowd was one of the loudest I’d ever heard. During ”Asian Hooker”, a girl, dressed as uh…well, an asian hooker, went on stage and started stripping and dancing. Someone threw a blow-doll on the stage. At a certain point, there were about 10-15 girls from the audience on stage dancing while the band was playing. Guitarist Satchel did an awesome guitar/drum solo bit, hitting the bass drum while he was riffing on what was essentially a history of classic metal riffs, ranging from Black Sabbath, Metallica, Scorpions, Guns N Roses, etc…Oh, and condom balloons.

Whatever parody or humor Steel Panther carry with them, it’s never self-indulgent enough as to exclude others. This was a gigantic party.

I mean, the banter in between songs was hilarious. I don’t want to start quoting it. Just go on youtube, type Steel Panther live, and you’ll understand what I mean.

What really blew me away was that at a certain point, when songs like ”Community Property” or ”Tomorrow Night” start playing, you actually stop caring about the fact that the lyrics are funny. The band is so tight, the music so good that you actually find yourself singing along to words like ”I’m going to a party tomorrow night, tomorrow night/But tonight I’m gonna jerk off” with your serious, rock ‘n rolla face on.

The music just works, it’s fun. It’s funny. It is rock ‘n roll, and the show last night was a damn breath of fresh air.

I met the band after the show, and they turned out to be pretty much what you’d expect: naturally cool dudes with a kick ass sense of humor. It’s not like they stay in their stage persona when you meet them, but it’s not like singer Michael Starr seems too removed from it either. Cool dudes with an awesome sense of humor playing heavy metal?

Yeah, that simplicity is lacking nowadays.

Steel Panther, that was a night I won’t soon forget. Come back soon.

Low quality, iPhone 3G pics from last night (hey, apparently I need to start remembering to bring an actual camera to these shows):


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