Silence Is Deceiving: Montreal Now.

For a while, everything was quiet.

I was having a drink in my apartment. There were no cars, no strikers banging on their pots and pants. There was no traffic, no buses.

In the month I’ve lived here, it had never been so quiet.

The silence was deceiving, as I stepped outside on the balcony to see a police helicopter directly above me. On my right, 2 cop cars blocking St-Denis street. To my left, 2 motorcycles blocking the other end.

Then, like a blast, it happened.

Thousands of people walking down the street, banging away on anything that could make noise, doing an impromtu demonstration against the Charest government, the Loi-78, and the increase in student tuitions.

It was beautiful.

I agree with the strike. I agree with the idea that the Loi 78 needs to be abolished, and needs to be abolished now.

I didn’t go out on the street to join the protesters, instead, I chose to write what I thought here. Through this website dedicated to music in Montreal.

What will this do for music in Montreal? A question that seems unimportant but I couldn’t help thinking about it.

I don’t mean to sound opportunistic by writing this, but I think it takes movements like this to inspire art that will last.

I sure hope it does. I wanted to record the sounds of the street, but I didn’t have the time. Just in itself, it is something that we would probably forever remember. This all sounds fairly idealistic from me, I know, I know… But, as Buffalo Springfield wrote about Vietnam…”There’s somethin’ happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear”.

Meanwhile, here was the view from my balcony.


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