Animals don’t understand music. To them, it’s just noise.
To us, music can be the hugest thing, yet it can also be the most insignificant.

If I picture myself in a club with that loud techno music blazing through the speakers, and the bass cutting through so much you think it would mimic your heartbeat – it means nothing to me. It is not to say that the music is bad, but it doesn’t speak to me. Take in the social circle you’re in with this circumstance: people dancing, though most people really can’t. Bad clothing. I’d like to say most guys are on steroids, but then maybe I’m just not in shape.

No, it doesn’t work for me.

Yet I can take a multitude of songs I love. You know, those that you like so much that you can’t just put them on at any time…no, there is an appropriate time for them. Well, then the moment is irreplaceable.

Being 16, with the first true love I’ve felt, listening to Miles Davis’ rendition of ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’.

At 17, listening  to ‘Crime Of The Century’ by Supertramp, not knowing if I love the song, but knowing for sure that this slow dance is something I’ll always remember.


I am 4 years old and my parents are holding me while ‘Poison Arrow’ by ABC is playing.

Flash forward.

I am 25 years old, and I’m hearing Killing Joke’s ‘Love Like Blood’ playing through the thin speakers of a portable computer, somewhere in another country, feeling like I’m 16 again.

Music is in itself something that becomes self-important. Something that defines you.


Remember that girl or that guy you met once, and you knew very little about them asides from the fact that this person liked your favourite band? A band, or singer you didn’t think anyone would connect to in the same way? You, if only for a second, fall in love with this character. Someone you may never even meet.

It becomes more than a passion, more than the cliché of “the soundtrack of your life”. It just becomes who you are.

I started this website to be able to help get known bands that I love and to just write about the music I find is worth writing about.

I never expected so many of you to read or keep reading what I’m writing about.

I thank you for that. It’s pretty overwhelming.

– A guy from Montreal who’s freezing his ass off, having some red wine, and listening to Elvis.


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