Them Blue Midnights: 2012.

With a very slow start due to holiday season – which meant, unfortunately, a total lack of shows for most of January, let me give you an update on what I had been working on meanwhile. Lemme start off by saying that 2012 is going to be a very busy/good year. Actually, this update is a not for the year, but only what to expect until the month of May – and it’s HUGE – I’ve got some big news to share (of course, I saved it for the end of this article to keep your pretty mouths watering).

So, without further ado, here is the agenda as to which bands to expect in terms of features/news/interviews/contests and/or reviews for Them Blue Midnights in 2012:

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU: My next feature. I’ll be working on this on my birthday, actually. Go figure.

KASABIAN: Their latest album was amazing, and I can’t wait for this.

A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: With a new soon-to-be-released EP, and an upcoming show in Montreal along with the Joy Formidable, this is going to be very good.

NIGHT BEATS: One of my favourite bands of the moment, and very nice guys. The show at Casa Del Popolo should prove to be quite memorable.

LUCERO: I once drunkenly talked to Ben Nichols about John Mellencamp, and he was so drunk I couldn’t understand what he was saying. This should make for an interesting article.

FRANK TURNER: He’s baaaaack! This time it’s an acoustic show. Expect a new interview and more prizes to be won.

And, for the big news….

THE SAINTE CATHERINES: Them Blue Midnights will be following The Sainte-Catherines on their last ever tour – every single show. I just went to have a beer with singer Hugo Mudie, and believe me, this is going to be epic. Expect tons of free stuff to be won, a tour diary, exclusive interviews, and possibly the last ever Sainte-Catherines interview on this very website. I feel kinda honoured, to say the least!!!

AUSTIN PSYCH FEST: Them Blue Midnights will be covering AUSTIN PSYCH FEST. Damn right. I’m headed down to Austin, Texas in April. I’ve got a good friend of mine who’ll be playing, and along with Night Beats, I expect to have some pretty cool stories to tell, some pretty cool pictures to show (don’t ask about the blurry ones), and some cool stuff to giveaway.



If you have any recommendations, things you’d like to see, etc…. Don’t hesitate to contact me at and I’ll do my damned best to make it happen.

If you haven’t already, follow Them Blue Midnights through this very site, or by clicking the Facebook link which is on your right.

This is gonna be a good year!!!

Cheers x


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