Interview: The Tandoori Knights (King Khan/Bloodshot Bill)

Imagine for a second that Peter Sellers’ character in the film ‘The Party’ started a band with Elvis Presley. Now throw in a hell of a lot of early-60’s garage rock, and throw some curry in the mix. This is pretty much the best way I can describe The Tandoori Knights, a band formed by two of Montreal’s most influencial musicians – Bloodshot Bill and King Khan .

Khan has played with bands such as The Spaceshits in the mid-90’s, and more recently has been releasing albums under monikers King Khan & BBQ Show (along with another amazing Montreal musician, Mark Sultan); King Khan and The Shrines; and even made an album with the Black Lips under the name The Almighty Defenders. It should also be noted that this is the man who once famously showed his buttocks to Lindsay Lohan at a gig he was playing with Almighty Defenders at the Cannes Festival.

Bloodshot Bill is the rockabilly portion of the ‘Knights. Usually slicking back his hair looking like someone who just came out of 1958, Bill also played along with Mark Sultan in the rockabilly band The Ding-Dongs. Wanna check how many albums he released? Just go here and try to count.

Tandoori Knights’ first album, ”Curry Up, It’s The Tandoori Nights” was released on Norton Records in 2010 and features songs that range from rockabilly, garage rock, 50’s soul ballads – to something that sounds like what would happen if you walked into a bar in India in 1948. Yeah, the record’s all over the place, but with the talent and humor put into it, you honestly can’t go wrong.

Just check out this clip. It’s probably easier seen and heard than read about.

The band is playing along with Crystal Stilts at Il Motore on November 30th, a show I strongly recommend checking out. I also have had the chance to interview Crystal Stilts; that interview is coming up later this week. I’m also happy to announce that both bands have a agreed to sign a couple of of copies of some vinyl for Them Blue Midnights, so stay tuned for a Tandoori Knights and Crystal Stilts contest giveaway!

So how exactly do you interview a band like Tandoori Nights?

Well, that question was lurking in my head for days before realizing it was all so simple: play it straight, of course…

               TBM: How did this project come about?

               BB: We don’t get to see much of each other, but one summer we got to hang out alot, passed a restaurant called Tandoori Nuits, thought it was a cool name for a band, and just started making up songs together…we had most of our album done in one week.

              KK: It was a good excuse to eat indian food and hang out more with our moms. BB actually wanted to do a project with my brother for a while, but he was busy.
             What were your main influences for Tandoori Knights?
 BB: I think the fact that we got to hang out alot together for the first time in years was a big influence…We both love alot of the same junk, so there wasn’t much talk about the playing, we’d just do it….I think alot of the stuff we like is in there, Garage, Rockabilly, Rock’n’roll, Country- with an Eastern kick. 
             KK: I thought it was more about chutney and chicks…
You both are from Montreal, though Khan now lives in Germany. What are your thoughts on music coming out of Montreal these days?

BB: I dont follow it as much as I used to, but if it’s good I’ll hear about it somehow.

             KK: Montreal has the best smoked meat…. which is far more important than any music.
The melodies are really strong on this album and there is a true feeling that there are, musically, parts of the past that you’re trying to keep alive. Do you go in writing songs with this in mind, or is it just a natural way of songwriting?
BB: I think it’s just natural, we make music we’d wanna listen to.
KK: I think we are preserving something… we’re like taxidermists finding bits and pieces we love and sewing them all together….
Both of you have been playing music for a long time and have released vast amounts of material – sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the projects you have. What keeps you inspired and able to write and record this much?
BB: I get bored real easy, so I just do it to entertain myself.
             KK: ADD is not a handicap it is our way of life. 
How does the touring life change as the years go by?
BB: It’s basically the same, lots of traveling and lots of waiting, but I guess you figure out ways to make yourself more comfortable…I’m just happy that someone else is doing the booking and the driving!
KK: Well now we travel in an RV so we basically take a living room where ever we go.

Asides from the Tandoori Knights tour, what are your future plans, musically?
BB: I can go back in the states now, so I’d like to do that more since it’s been 5 years I haven’t been there…and LOTS of new records, about 3 already planned for release in 2012
KK: Yes, lots of new stuff coming out… new Shrines, Black Jaspers… and of course more Tandoori Knights to help you sleep better at night… we gotta make the end of the world as rockin as possible.

The Tandoori Knights along with Crystal Stilts play Il Motore (179 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest) Wednesday, November 30. Tickets are 12$ in advance and can be purchased through or can be purchased at the door for 14$.


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